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Vitalism: A New Emerging Model for Healing Humanity

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Posted on 03-02-2015

You can paint the leaves of a dying plant...changing nothing about it's fate.

Or you can RESTORE it's life force by giving it water, stand back and watch nature take over. 

For many of us, our birth has actually been the most traumatic event our nervous system has ever encountered. I know this is true for my daughter, myself, and many others. In addition to birth the trauma continues to pile on through out our life as we fall learning to walk, have accidents, and other forms of cumulative physical, chemical, and emotional stress. Yet, most human beings are not checked for compromise in this system until they have visible, undeniable, and in some cases debilitating symptoms which are trying to desperately alert their body that something serious is wrong and needs to be corrected. These symptoms may manifest as back pain, neck pain, extremity pain, headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, reproductive/fertility challenges, developmental delays, and basically anything you can imagine. Once this happens, there are 2 paths that people choose. One is that of symptom suppression & the other is an understanding and respect for symptom expression with a desire to bring the body back to balance. As my mentor said yesterday, you can take a dying plant and paint the leaves green but nothing will change the fact that the plant is still dying. Or you can water it, restoring the life force it needs to survive, and watch it heal, flourish, and thrive. In the United States alone there are BILLIONS of dollars spent annually on painting the leaves- Using over the counter medications, prescription medications, therapies, surgeries, and when that fails faking your way through day to day life hoping you make it, and the list goes on. All of this in an attempt to cover up the symptoms with a fresh new coat of paint. The more coats of paint you add the more of your TRUE self you cover up....the more of your TRUE self you loose. The more of your TRUE self your family looses. Consider this for one moment. Consider the fact that there are more sick people then well in the United States. We are ranked number 37 in overall health by the World Health Organization and number 11 (dead last) compared to the top 10 other "1st world" developed countries. We are ranked number 33 in Maternal and Infant birth related outcomes even though we have the best technology and most educated doctors on the planet. Every single year there is an array of new therapies and drugs that promise to be the next best thing; that new coat of paint you've been desperately looking for. Eventually, with time and trial these therapies fall hard from the new rising star that they once were because people discover that they are just that; a new coat of paint that chips off with time in some cases leaving behind more damage then there was before they existed.

If there was another option that existed, one that honored the bodies inborn potential to heal and regulate itself... One that understood that symptoms are to be respected for what they are..a God given expression of your bodies inability to adapt and overcome. An alarm begging you to introspect, look inside yourself, as to why you may be feeling this way. Not a misleading opportunity to white it out, paint over it, and move on but rather to revive & reconnect with your bodies inborn potential to heal, adapt, and overcome. Would you consider this option? Would you consider trusting the system that developed your body from scratch with no input from the educated mind, the doctors, or technology- The one cell, dynamically and miraculously dividing itself into the more than 50 trillion cells that make up your body today. Could you learn to respect and trust this innate intelligence that began with a spark of energy ignited from the result of your fertilization, developed your nervous system by the 19th day of your existence, which then delegated the development of every single organ and tissue you possess, and for the rest of your life destined itself to run, regulate, and replace your being? Can you trust that this intelligence still exists within you? That it did not abandon you the day you were born. That it resides within you until the moment you take your very last breath. 

This exact trust is the heart of VITALISTIC chiropractic. This is what we without a shadow of a doubt know to be true. We know that your body has the potential to heal. We know that this intelligence exists in each and every human being and we believe with all of our heart that each of us deserves the opportunity to be connected to it fully. That each of us deserves to experience a life without interference to our nervous system. That with a fully functioning nervous system each of us have the ability to adapt and overcome. We see these miracles take place within our practice and within our chiropractic community on a daily basis. We dedicate our life to the reality that each person deserves the opportunity to learn about it, understand it, and honor it by giving back to themselves through restoring the life to their nervous system. There is only one way this can be accomplished and it is through the art of Chiropractic Care which has the intent and the ability to free the nervous system from it's interference, releasing the inborn life force that resides within, giving full potential and capacity for the body to do what it was designed to do- adapt, overcome, and thrive. Not merely survive. And can you imagine for a moment the impact that could be made on humanity if every person had their nervous system checked and corrected at birth and throughout their life? The course of our life and the consequences it has on our bodies would be much different and much improved.   

We will always believe it is best to water the plant instead of painting the leaves. It is who we are. It is what we stand for. As part of our conviction and promotion of this philosophy we have decided to change the name of our practice to Restoring Life Chiropractic. You will be seeing our new brand in the office soon. Our hope is that this name inspires you as much as the meaning behind it has inspired us. It will serve as a constant reminder to us all that our mind, body, and spirit has the potential to be restored and that hope for healing exists within each of us. 


Dr.'s Eric & Lauren Alvarado
Your Families Vitalistic Chiropractors   


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