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Posted on 03-31-2015

At 32 weeks & 4 days pregnant with baby number two there is so much on my mind. Nesting is in full effect at the Alvarado household and anything that has not been used in more then 6 months, is outgrown, or stained with blueberries from Miss Jordan is making it's way into the donation pile! 

We have been so busy here at the office with launching our new brand, introducing our new health care talks, and serving the community that baby Jaxon's room was bare bones until this past weekend. Just as I was about to have an 8 month pregnant melt down everything started to come together for the preparation of welcoming this handsome little guy into our family.

In the spirit of nesting and preparation we can really get lost in all the little things we need to have to take care of a newborn and loose sight of taking care of OURSELVES. I am totally guilty of this! Have you ever heard of the term "The lawn guy usually has the worst lawn" or "The hair stylist never has time to get her hair cut." Those who are dedicated to serving others usually have a bad habit of serving themselves last! I notice this same exact thing happening to us as Chiropractors. In the past I have had a bad habit of serving my heart out through providing Chiropractic care to families in our practice and then forgetting to get in line with everyone else for their weekly spinal check and adjustment. 

However, pregnancy is never a good time to short change yourself on getting your spine checked regularly. There are several reasons why prenatal chiropractic is so essential throughout the months of pregnancy. A beautiful lady and colleague of mine Shazia Lackey, who is an RN and Childbirth Educator through the very popular and completely comprehensive Birth Boot Camp Program, recently posted a blog about a few of the benefits of Chiropractic during and after pregnancy. I would love to share it with you. Enjoy!


March 31, 2015

I was blessed to observe an amazing birth recently where chiropractic care saved the day. Many women seem to think a chiropractor is a luxury item during pregnancy and birth, but EVERY birth team NEEDS a good chiropractor! A birth photographer is a luxury item during birth, a chiropractor is necessary! Here are 5 reasons why you NEED a chiropractor!


There are many common pregnancy complaints that we chalk up to as "normal" when expecting a child. However, many of these complaints can be improved or even prevented with routine chiropractic care during pregnancy. Back pain, hip pain, constipation...just to name a few! We mistake common for normal during pregnancy. Let a chiropractor help you avoid common pregnancy problems.


My chiropractor during both of my pregnancies had started seeing patients one day a week at a local birth center long ago. Initially she was asked to come on Fridays, but due to all of her patients at the end of their pregnancy going in to labor after their adjustment, too many patients were having babies on the weekend! The midwives then asked her to come on Tuesdays instead, so all of the moms would give birth before the weekend. It is proven that women who receive chiropractic care have shorter labors and an adjustment can often help overdue women go in to labor naturally.


When you have established care with a great chiropractor experienced in pregnancy and birth, if you have any problems in labor, they can come to your birth and help get baby in a better position for a better birth. Failure to progress and prodromal labors are often caused by malpositioning of the baby and chiropractic care is just what a mom needs to speed things up and avoid a C section!


It's no secret that birth is a painful process and soreness lingers throughout the postpartum period. A chiropractor can put mom back together so to speak! If anything was pushed out of place during labor, a chiropractor can help get mom back in alignment. This makes for a more comfortable and quicker postpartum recovery.


Babies go through a lot during birth. Despite the type of birth you have, babies can experience "kinks" in their tiny bodies that may cause tightness and pain. This pain could make it uncomfortable for baby to lay in certain positions and breastfeeding may be difficult if baby finds nursing positions painful. A chiropractor can help work all of these "kinks" out. They also can help with any palate or facial issues that can hinder breastfeeding.



This blog is to the point & super informative! It hits all the high points of what we discussed in our one on one yesterday evening! I am so happy to see women, like yourself, supporting each other through educating others and spreading the word that COMMON is NOT NORMAL. The common misconceptions about our health and well-being can be put to rest when we deepen our consciousness about the natural processes of the body and the body's natural ability to bring forth life! The truth is we are designed to adapt and overcome and when our nervous system & spine (what we chiro's specialize in) is in optimal condition it is free to communicate fully with our pelvis, reproductive organs, and baby creating the best opportunity for a natural and gentle birth. Thank you for being such an advocate.


For more information about natural childbirth you can visit Shazia's website @ http://abovebeyondbirth.squarespace.com where you can find more information about her upcoming Birth Boot Camp classes, her blog, and more. We will soon be offering Birth Boot Camp Classes in our office! Announcements with details to come :-) 


Dr. Lauren Alvarado 
Your Family's Vitalistic Chiropractor 
Providing Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractic Care to the Arlington, Texas Community (DFW). 

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