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What is My Pain Trying to Tell Me!?

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Posted on 05-04-2015

We see many people in our office who suffer from chronic pain. In fact, a large majority of people stumble across chiropractic because they are seeking advice about a physical symptom that is bothering them and a family member or friend mentions that chiropractic care changed their life and that it might change theirs as well.

Most people view pain as a problem that needs to be immediately destroyed so that no more discomfort is felt.  Almost everyone agrees that pain is no fun & the least amount of time spent experiencing it the better!  People tend to dictate the responsibility of getting rid of their pain or other uncomfortable symptoms to over the counter medication, a medical doctor knowing the exact toxic cocktail to prescribe and/or another Doctor, such as your chiropractor, to hunt down and eradicate it from their body. 

Although symptoms can be super uncomfortable and unwelcome there is a major lesson to learn from them that is usually over looked! So, lets take a moment to introspect....

1. What is the purpose of my pain/symptoms?

To alert your brain that something needs your attention!
Your body is so brilliantly made that God installed this amazing permanent fire alarm that lasts from the time you are in your mama's belly until you leave this earth. Once underlying dysfunction in any of your bodies organs & systems sticks around long enough or becomes severe enough the alarm is set off in the form of a symptom (headache, fever, pain, fatigue, high blood pressure, etc). Without this innate fire alarm going off and causing you some type of discomfort you would be completely left in the dark about what is going on inside your own body and possibly never have the opportunity to seek assistance in healing this underlying dysfunction in order to prolong & improve your quality of life.  
Just as a fire alarm may save your life, your symptoms may as well. 

2. How can I change my perspective about my symptoms?

Appreciate them! It means you're ALIVE! 
Besides the obvious obnoxious symptoms, imagine if you never felt the sensation of being hungry, thirsty, sleepy, or even needing to use the restroom? These are all symptoms of the lack of food, lack of water, lack of sleep, or lack of ridding the body of toxins! These sensations, whether pleasant, convenient or not, remind you that your body can feel, your brain is receiving important messages from the rest of your body, and you are ALIVE! So, the next time you feel symptomatic you can say a little thank you to your precious body because you are still earth side and can sense and respond to your bodies desire to survive and adapt to its environment. 

3. What symptoms are normal & what symptoms are abnormal? 

The truth is ALL SYMPTOMS are NORMAL.  
So sorry to make you want to smack me right now, but it's sooooo true. Let me tell you why ALL symptoms are a normal expression of life. Let's look at an example: 

A. You are projectile vomiting from 3 am – 10 pm (like I was) after eating an expensive shrimp cocktail at the Un-named Steakhouse. Should you have
    a.) taken something to relieve your poor miserable self from vomiting 
    b.) let your body get rid of the bacteria it encountered so that you don't have to pass it through your entire digestive system & absorb it's toxic effects
Answer: b) You're Right! Your body SHOULD respond to a threat by eliminating it as fast as possible to decrease the likelihood of a major breech happening in it's system.

Natural responses take place such as a fever to fight an infection, vomiting or diarrhea to eliminate a threat, or other symptoms to alert you of your bodies state of existence for a reason.  

4. So then if I don't really have symptoms I must be healthy, right?

The lack of SYMPTOMS does NOT equal HEALTH
What's important to know about this is that a small smoldering fire can take place for years or decades before the fire gets big enough to actually set off the fire alarm. This is why the lack of symptoms, sickness, & disease does not necessarily equal health. 

You have probably heard of people going in for a routine check up and discovering they have Stage 4 cancer. They don't have any outwardly physical changes that made them aware of the cancer. However, if you look at their history you will usually find that they have lived a life where their chemical, physical, and mental/emotional health was not a priority and that somewhere along the way their body began to react to these stresses. This low grade reaction that smolders just under the surface created the perfect breading ground for disease. 

The lesson to learn here is that just because you don't have an outwardly obvious symptom of disease does not mean that your body is healthy and fully expressing it's inborn potential to adapt and overcome challenges to its environment. Taking proactive steps, regardless of symptoms, to creating a great internal environment is required to achieve a level of health & well-being. 

5. What does chiropractic have to do with symptoms, sickness, and disease or the lack there of?

Chiropractic serves those with or without symptoms, both being EQUALLY POWERFUL! 
Although Chiropractic does not suppress symptoms or treat any condition in-particular it does do what no medication, surgery, or therapy can do- it restores the body's natural ability to heal and regulate itself.

We know that no healing can take place without a fully functioning nervous system. Think about how your body distributes it's life force – the energy housed within you that keeps you alive. If you were to take out your brain and spinal cord every single organ in your body would loose it's power source and immediately stop working. Well, now think about if we were to just step on one of the nerves going to one of your organs “pinching it.” Do you think that organ would receive a complete message from your brain on how to pump blood, detoxify, or digest food? No, it would receive a distorted message or possibly no message at all. This is the entire basis of chiropractic.

Regardless of your bodies current perceptible condition, we know without a shadow of a doubt that every single bit of you is much better off with a fully functioning nervous system. So our role as your chiropractor is to access your nervous system, not your symptoms, remove interference to it through a specific chiropractic adjustment, and stand back and watch the life force -the power that resides within your nervous system- heal your body and maintain it in existence. 

So, Now What? What can I do to help my healing process & maintain health? 

1. Stay in tune with your body and take note of your symptoms. Learn to appreciate them.

2. Start to recognize them for what they are. What are they trying to tell you about your body?
Are you neglecting yourself? Not getting adjusted regularly? Running yourself down? Not drinking enough water? Not eating right? 

3. Change your lifestyle to a way of living that promotes health, healing, & well-being such as seeing your chiropractor on a regular basis, eating for LIFE, and other healthy habits your body is requesting of you. 

4. Don't burn yourself out on "quick fixes." Get rid of the band-aid mentality because it doesn't work. Putting a band-aid on something in an attempt to invest as little energy and effort into changing & maintaining your health will yield wimpy results every time. YOU ARE WORTH IT. INVEST IN YOURSELF & ditch the quick fix mentality. 

5.  Be proactive & stay proactive regardless of your condition. Those who take care of themselves when they are well will have to do far less to recover when they aren't doing so well. 


Life is navigated much easier when we deepen our consciousness about the things that we experience on a daily basis...especially the one thing we spend the most time with and experience our world through- our bodies. 

Dr. Lauren 
your family's vitalistic chiropractor

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