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You may be drinking your coffee all WRONG!?

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Posted on 07-04-2015

I recently came across this interesting article and video on Entrepreneur.com explaining that we are drinking our coffee all WRONG and shouldn't be drinking it in the morning as soon as we wake up

Say what!? Most of us coffee entrepreneurs can't get one leg in our pants much less out the door in the morning unless we've already had at least a little bit of coffee in our system. However, science apparently knows best and has a little trick up it's sleeve on how to maximize the effect of your favorite cup of Joe. 

This little trick has to do with cortisol levels, the stress hormone that you usually hear is associated with belly fat on commercials on TV. Cortisol is actually in charge of your body's fight or flight response making you adaptable to small and large stresses all day long. The level of cortisol peaks and valley's at different times of the day as a key part of your natural circadian rhythm. Cortisol rises shortly after you wake up in the morning to give you enough energy to start your day. Science shows that taking in coffee during this peak cortisol time can have little effect & actually work against you! 

So, if we shouldn't drink our traditional rise & shine cup of coffee what's the solution!?! Well, it's suggested and makes more sense actually to drink coffee in the lower cortisol level time when energy levels are lower if you need a little boost. Drinking coffee after your cortisol drops can help get you through a lull in your energy level during a time that you may need to be at peak performance. Watch the video here to find out what times they suggest are best.

Now as a Doctor I am well versed on the effects of caffeine and their contribution to adrenal fatigue, dehydration, etc but I am also an entrepreneur, business owner, wife, mother of a 3 year old and 1 month old and coffee has served me quite well through out my long exhausting years of education and sleepless nights studying, chasing children through out the day, and running a busy practice. Of course, I always recommend & use organic coffee because the chemicals they use to grow and prepare coffee to be sold are absolutely toxic for your body.   

If you are a coffee-preneur like me following these simple tips can keep your coffee consumption on the healthy side. There are many benefits to coffee such as the obvious caffeine jolt and high antioxidant levels. 

#1. Always drink organic to avoid the over 300 chemicals that can be lurking in that cup. 

#2. If you use creamer skip the creamers with all the additives and dairy & go for some coconut milk or organic soy milk. They have many traditional creamer alternatives at stores such as Sprouts or Whole Foods like flavored coconut, almond, and soy creamers. 

#3. Keep your consumption to one cup a day unless you absolutely need to have another cup to keep you going through something super important. Consider substituting those additional coffee's for a cup of organic green tea which has plenty of caffeine but considerably more health benefits. 

#4. Follow your coffee up with 2 cups of water (approx 16 oz). Coffee is a diuretic and dehydration itself can lead to head fog, exhaustion, and the list goes on. So drink plenty of water to stay healthy & feeling well. 

#5. And tip #5 try to drink coffee with a friend or family member! With social media and texting being a primary form of communication these days we have fallen out of touch with real face to face communication with friends and loved ones. Next time you have a little time off or a break from work invite a friend or family member over for a coffee date & put the phones away! 

Good luck skipping your first cup of Joe! 

Dr. Lauren Alvarado 
your family's vitalistic chiropractor  
#restoringlifechiropractic #itswhatwedo

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