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Everyday Miracles

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Posted on 10-12-2015

"He came home screaming in pain from school. His mom took him to the ER where they told her that there was nothing that they could do. Told her it was muscle spasms and that it would last at least a week. Mom brought him in first thing the next morning so he could get adjusted. This was the photo she sent later the same afternoon." - Anna Saylor-Wither, DC


I came across this chiropractic testimony on my Facebook today and it just got me all fired up and I couldn't help but share it.

We frequently experience these miracles in our office.

Over the past week we have seen a man who could not walk in the door leave walking, a baby who could not nurse leave nursing, a baby who could not poop at all on her own start pooping, a baby who would stop breathing & terrify his mother no longer having episodes (yes they went to the ER and they found NOTHING wrong after a 48 hour observation), a man who could not kneel down and perform his job leave with the ability to kneel down, a woman who couldn't get a deep breath leave breathing, a baby who spit up everything they ate now holding down food, a boy with seizures almost his entire life get off of seizure medication, and the list goes on & on & on.

Is chiropraTIC a treatment for constipation? A treatment for apnea? A treatment for seizures, paralysis, or immobility? No!! No it isn't. Chiropractic IS the detection and correction of interference to the INNATE POWER which resides within each individual giving them the ability to heal & self regulate! There is no drug, no surgery or therapy that can replicate the INTELLIGENCE OF THE HUMAN BODY.

We do not diagnose or treat sickness and disease. We remove interference to this INNER WISDOM and this is when these MIRACLES occur. This is when TRUE healing is possible. We see it every day and it is what keeps us serving our hearts out. 

#restoringlife #itswhatwedo #innatepower #doesthebandaidorthebodyheal  

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