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4 Reasons Why Pediatric Chiropractic is Gentle & Effective.

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Posted on 12-02-2015

Chiropractic for Babies: 4 Reasons Why Pediatric Chiropractic is Gentle & Effective.

We recently knocked the walls down in our office and created a cozy open adjusting space where we now serve our entire Restoring Life Community. This transition has allowed the opportunity for more people to witness little babies getting adjusted, which by the way is my favorite thing to do. Being a chiropractor and mother of two it was just second nature to make sure my babies were adjusted at birth and of course through out childhood. So, it always catches me by surprise and just tickles me when people in the office hang out just to watch babies get adjusted. They sit there in total awe and always leave saying something like, "Wow, I didn't know such a tiny little thing could be adjusted" or "Man, if I only had chiropractic at that age!" And ever so often there is the "But he isn't in pain is he!?" or "What! I didn't know it was safe for babies to get adjusted!? They are so tiny! I figured it would break'em!" Of course, the last two get me all fired up the most is the last one! Not fired up in a bad way, but in a I'm so glad you are getting to witness this first hand so that all your preconceptions can be dissolved kind of way! 

It is fairly common for people to be confused or to simply not know what chiropractic for babies actually looks like. So, I decided to start filming some examples of babies getting adjusted in order to shed some light on how gentle and effective the pediatric adjustment can and should be. 

I hope you enjoy the video & blog below. 

(I am by no means tech savvy or have the desire to be an amazing video editor. Anything I do will be pretty simple & straight forward! :-)  

We dial it DOWN! 

The Pediatric Adjustment is dialed WAY down as you will see in this video. Each technique that Chiropractors learn and master can be adapted to the pediatric body just as it can be adapted to a 400 pound man or 80 year old osteoporotic woman. Through our years of training and mastering the ART of Chiropractic we innately know how to adjust the speed, the depth, and the velocity of the adjustment to each individual to better suite their body type. We can feel the tension and tone of the body and how receptive it will be to an adjustment and we adapt accordingly. For this reason, Chiropractic can be a very gentle experience for babies. 

It's always done to babies TOLERANCE!

Chiropractic is not the practice of medicine! And for that reason the chiropractic adjustment is not a medical procedure performed on your child. It does not require them to be extra still and super patient or to endure a painful experience. We are very aware of the child’s frame of mind and mood before, during, and after the adjustment and we cater to that. If a child is fussy their tolerance level of someone touching them, whether its their Chiropractic or sibling, is usually low and we understand that! We are parents! So, in honoring you and your child we give them 100% of our attention and we never push them past their tolerance. In almost all cases we can still accomplish the goal of removing interference to your child’s nervous system with the chiropractic adjustment. We simply adapt to the BOSS, the baby or young child :-), and proceed in the ways they allow us to. 

The parent & baby are ALWAYS in control!   

As parents we have discovered that communication is key to cooperation from babies and children. Have you ever taken your child to see a Doctor and felt like the Doctor didn’t really connect with them and just started touching or poking and prodding them without permission? Well, I have and it can feel helpless. You want to be in control of whats happening to your baby or young child but you also don’t want to upset the Doctor or feel like you are causing a scene. This is why we always make sure we are connecting with your child FIRST and making sure they know they are in control of what happens to their body. Regardless of how young your baby is they are a human being who deserves respect. Part of showing respect to a little one is continuous communication with them and their parents about what we are doing as we are doing it. We let them know that they are in control and we can always take a break, try doing it a different way or stop all together. We can also try again in a few minutes or another day depending on how critical it is that they be adjusted that day. Many babies sleep through their adjustment or could care less about it and others are a little more aware. Once children experience their 1st and 2nd adjustment they are fully aware that it is a gentle and comfortable experience and that they are in control and being respected. They become very accepting and enjoy it!     

The PURPOSE is more than you would think!

With more people witnessing babies getting adjusted in our open office concept, we have had new opportunities to discuss the WHY behind Chiropractic! Unlike many adults who make it into our office because they are in pain and heard Chiropractic may be able to help them, babies and young children usually make it in because they are having difficulty with basic physiological processes such as nursing, sleeping, digestion, and elimination. The conditions run the gamete, from poor latch, tongue ties, palate issues, misshaped heads (plagiocephaly), colic, reflux, constipation, irritability, and other things that parents are desperate to help their children overcome! Whether it is an adult or child, pain or constipation, the PURPOSE of Chiropractic always remains the same. Chiropractic’s sole purpose is to remove interference to the nervous system, the brain body connection, so that the body can function as it was intended to. It is actually NOT for the treatment of any condition. As interference to the nervous system is removed basic physiological function are restored and symptoms begin to fall by the way side as the body is more capable of running and regulating itself. (Hints our name Restoring Life Chiropractic). The PURPOSE of Chiropractic is to optimize the function of the entire body allowing each human being, no matter how big or small, to THRIVE. 

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