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20 Years of No Sleep - A Chiropractic Miracle.

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Posted on 01-01-2017

20 Years of No SleepA Chiropractic Miracle. 

When Janice joined our practice her main concern, just like with many people, was trying to resolve the terrible and debilitating pain in her hip and leg. Little did she know she was in for the surprise of a lifetime - well about 1/3 of her lifetime. 

Janice consulted with Dr. Eric Alvarado about the pain she had been in for several years. She had a full neurospinal assessment that showed multiple areas of her nervous system that had major interference to them diminishing her bodies ability to adapt and thrive. 

She began receiving regular chiropractic care focused on restoring the life to her nervous system and quickly noticed some unexpected changes! 

Within weeks Janice reported that she was sleeping for the FIRST TIME IN 20 YEARS! 

When those words left her mouth our jaws hit the ground! 

20 YEARS!? ARE YOU SERIOUS! She went on to explain that every night she would pace the floors in pain - unable to lay or even sit down. She said she would sometimes go three days without sleeping and finally pass out from pure exhaustion! 

By approximately the third week of chiropractic care Janice was sleeping through the night! 

Next Janice said "I can feel my shoes on my feet for the first time in 15 years!" 

AGAIN! Our jaws hit the floor! 

"You couldn't feel the shoes on your feet!? Really!?”

No, I couldn't. My kids would tell me "Mom, put some shoes on when we were leaving the house because I really didn't notice if I had any on or not." 

Lastly, she mentions "My neck doesn't hurt anymore and my hip feels so much better!" 

She thought she came in just to get rid of her pain - which can happen as a result of chiropractic care - but as you can see it is by NO MEANS the PURPOSE of chiropractic care. 

What Janice really came in for was to improve her quality of life - And my goodness did she get what she needed!!! 

Janice went on to say "Back in the day the chiropractor would crack me and send me on my way. If I said my knee hurt he would crack my knee. And then soon after it would all hurt again." 

"Dr. Eric didn't pop my knee or leg once. He just went straight to my spine every single time. And it's amazing how that healed my leg. He just goes straight to the spine.” 

We went on to chat about how the nerves that go to the legs come from the low back and how that addressing the issue at the source is the key to true healing.

These are Janice's scans. You can already see a shift toward healing in her nervous system in only 12 visits.

Janice's testimony paints such a beautiful picture of the heart of Chiropractic and how it is impacting our community - young & old - and we are blessed beyond measure to be a part of RESTORING her LIFE. 

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