Spring Has Sprung And Allergies Have, Too!

Wintry weather and snow has given way to warmer days and sunshine. While this may sound amazing to those of us who have been stuck indoors under blankets and layers of clothing for the past six months, there's an unlucky group of people who dread this time of year: spring allergy sufferers.

Even with advancements in science and technology, flowers open up each year and release steady bursts of pollen into the air, animals begin to lose their winter coats and temperatures warm enough to spawn mold under the dense layer of snow.

It is absolutely NO FUN! But what's even worse is when you're trying all the things and nothing seems to be working. (Those over the counter allergy medicines aren't cheap either!) Sometimes medicine isn't enough, and often times those allergies can turn into recurrent ear, sinus and upper respiratory infections which gets you stuck on a cycle of chronic ILLNESS!

Let's shed some light on why this is & what you can do about it!

Your Body is Self-Healing & Self-Regulating

Our ear, nose and throat serves as a filter to our outside world. Their job is to protect our body against all the germs, pollution, and allergens in the air. Our nervous system and immune system then launch our cells into gear like little soldiers to protect us from getting sick. When our nervous system isn't functioning well, it can't tell our immune system what to do, and our body loses the ability to protect itself.

When your nervous system isn't working right you can experience trouble regulating normal function and have challenges with allergies, ear infections, respiratory health, immune function, stress, sleep, emotions, digestion, blood pressure, fertility, pregnancy & labor, and yes neck pain, headaches, fatigue, pain and all sorts of things!

How do misalignments even happen!?

Stresses throughout life whether from physical traumas (big ones like accidents, falls, birth or little ones over time like posture sitting at a desk, nursing and holding babies, etc) take a toll on our spine.

This stress can cause misalignments in the vertebrae and lots of stress on the pathways that need to fire from the brain to the body.

When the pathways between the brain and the body are stressed dysfunction happens!

One of the most common misalignments in the spine is in the top of the neck. This is where the nerves go to the sinuses, ear, nose and throat. When this part of the nervous system is struggling these areas of our body are susceptible to dysfunction and illness. Not only does it shut down our immune system response but these misalignments can also cause a plumbing issue blocking the tubes in the ears and the lymphatics in the head and neck from draining. It creates a septic tank where the fluid is stagnant and a perfect opportunity for bacteria to take up camp.


At Restoring Life Chiropractic we take a different approach to health care and focus on unleashing the power within your nervous system so that the body can do its job better and TRUE HEALING & WELLNESS can take place. We are on a mission to help the families in our community live a happier and healthier life, and we want to help you do just that!

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