What Position Does Chiropractic Play in Sports?

Have you ever wondered if chiropractic care can give kids an advantage in their sports performance? It's funny because a lot of times it's easy to get sucked into advertising for equipment that promises to increase speed and performance, but parents often don't realize the power that lies within regular chiropractic care.

Muscles propel the body when we're running, dancing, pitching, swimming... but they don't just fire on their own. Something has to tell them to do so! This is where your body's nerves step up to the plate. The nerves that exit your spine at every single level go to ALL the muscles and organs in your body. Communication through those nerves determines how quickly and accurately your body moves and reacts. It is essential that this communication is 100% or the body will obviously not perform at 100% because it doesn’t get the communication it needs.

Look at it just like your cellphone. You know how frustrating it is if you’ve ever gotten an important call and it gets fuzzy from poor reception. One phone call that should’ve been 2 minutes turns into 5 minutes because it keeps cutting out–because the communication isn’t good and there is interference. That is how the body works. It relies on that same line of communication, and when there’s interference to that line the brain cannot communicate to the rest of the organs, resulting in slower reaction times and less accurate movements.

When the spine is out of alignment, it can cause a difference in pressure which impacts communication and performance. This can be a big problem when split seconds, strength and endurance are all on the line. Want to know more? Click below to watch the video from Dr. Lauren!