Why Should Expecting Moms Seek Chiropractic Care?

There’s no question that a woman goes through tremendous changes during the nine months of pregnancy. There certainly are physical changes, such as the uterus, but there may also be emotional changes, particularly if this is a difficult or a first pregnancy.

During pregnancy, your body ramps up production of certain ligament- and joint-loosening hormones that help pave the way for baby to make an exit. (Without them, your baby's head would never be able to fit through your pelvis) But those hormones can also rapidly lower you center of gravity, leaving you loose-limbed, sway-backed and unusually clumsy.

Pre-existing and often unnoticed imbalances in the pelvis and spine become stressed during pregnancy. In addition, the weight of a growing uterus has a tendency to change a woman’s biomechanics, shifting the center of gravity and putting pressure on joints of the hips, pelvis and lower back. These things make everyday activity increasingly difficult for a pregnant woman.

Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can relieve and even prevent the common discomforts experienced in pregnancy. Specific adjustments may eliminate the causes of stress in the spine.

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