Grow Healthy Together with Family Wellness Week at RLC

Have you wanted your family to experience the same benefits you or your child have had? Would you like to save money on your family medical bills? We are offering complimentary scans and evaluations for all family members within your household. If you’ve had all the other checkups for your family – eyes, heart, lungs, teeth…but never had their nervous system checked, now is the time.

How it Works:
Schedule an appointment for a family member who is not under care from May 20th-23rd, and that family member’s scans are on us! We are offering this service as a complimentary bonus to those already under care, to help you grow healthy together.

We can’t imagine our family’s life without chiropractic, and our mission is to help families just like us live a healthier & happier life! We believe no member of the family should be left out of having a fully connected & thriving nervous system! ✨

When this young father started care he had a hypoactive thyroid.

As you can see he also had plenty of blocks in his nervous system, especially in the area where the nerves communicate directly with the thyroid gland regulating its function.

This scan shows how chiropractic care helped to restore the health of his spine & nervous system allowing his body to function like it was designed to!

Don’t miss this opportunity! Schedule today by calling (817) 435-1369 or emailing

This is a one time AMAZING special! We can’t wait to help you and your whole family step into a whole new place of wellness! ????☀️

This offer is limited to family members of current practice members, kiddos, parents or partners. Reschedules of scans will not be permitted. First visit must be scheduled before Thursday, May 23rd.