When Your Child is “That Kid” with Difficult Behavior

This little guy’s mama started to share their story with tears in her eyes. Her son was in pre-kindergarten and had recently started coming home with notes from his teachers.

At first, the notes were little red sad faces for minor behavior issues in the classroom. Then, the notes started coming more often, and the principal’s office visits began.

His mama was trying all the advice she had gotten from friends, family, & magazines, to no avail. She could see that her sweet son was struggling with his behavior, and she was concerned about the rate that things were escalating. Her kiddo had started to fight with other kids, resulting in time-outs & principal visits up to 3 times per day. He had also started taking melatonin because he was struggling to get rest at night & was lacking energy.

Seeking answers still, she decided to find her son a therapist. She was scared that he would be diagnosed with ADHD & put on medication, which she certainly did not want. The therapist she sought out had a waiting list, and during that time period, she saw a Facebook post for Restoring Life Chiropractic’s Perfect Storm Workshop!

She decided to attend while she was waiting to hear back from the therapist, and she was SO glad she went. She learned that any trauma to the spine can affect the nervous system, which could result in behavioral problems. After Dr. Lauren shared the story about another little boy struggling with similar issues in a private school & how chiropractic impacted his life, she KNEW she had to make her son an appointment.

Her husband was very skeptical, but she took her son in anyway. After 1-2 weeks of chiropractic care, this little guy was off the melatonin and sleeping much better! He was still bringing home the notes with little red sad faces, but his mama noticed that the frequency of them was decreasing. There have been no more trips to the principal’s office & his teachers have noticed he has been MUCH calmer!

One of the best things about this little boy’s story is that he was able to go on his FIRST field trip with the school! He wasn’t allowed to go previously because of his unpredictable behavior. But, not only did he get to go to the Planetarium with his class, but he had SO much fun & his teachers and classmates really enjoyed him!

His mama said of his chiropractic care at RLC, “It changed my kid’s life. It changed our lives all together.”

And, this is why we do what we do. ♥️ We love this little guy, his family, & his story so much!

When your child is struggling with behavioral issues, and nothing seems to be working, we know how frustrating and exhausting that is. There are so many support groups... blogs... and resources that one of the most challenging aspects can be determining who to trust and what approach to take. We want to help find answers for your family. Call (817)-435-1369 to schedule a consultation.