Is Summer Messing With Your Kids’ Sleep Schedule?

Summertime usually means a disruption in all the schedules, which can make things hard for littles. No sleep could = a cruel summer. (See what we did there?!) Even though we may all sneak some fun into what is technically bedtime territory, we have some tips to help sleep stay a priority & help your kiddos stay on track!

 No one can thrive on little or low quality sleep, so this is a priority for your kiddo! Creating a nighttime routine and sticking to it is paramount. When your child knows what order bedtime goes, it can make the whole transition to bed seem a lot less overwhelming.

 So, even though you may be beginning bedtime or nap time later than you usually would some nights, do your best to do all the bedtimeime things in the same order every night. Some kids really like seeing the schedule written out in a fun way with some type of visual, or even using a silly clock (if they are old enough) to know when it’s bedtime.

 Scientists show that optimum environment temperature for sleeping well is around 68 degrees for most humans in general, so that is something to consider, especially in this fabulous Texas heat!

 There are also many combinations of essential oils that you can use to help calm your child, encourage sleep, and promote DEEP sleep. A few of our favorites for this are: Lavender, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Peace & Calming, and Valor.

 Finally, and maybe most importantly, keeping your child's nervous system flowing to its fullest potential is HUGE! Chiropractic directly impacts the nervous system, which is the system that controls ALL the other systems in the body! When your nervous system is stressed, the rest of the body is stressed, so we can see disruptions in sleep, immune functioning, emotional behavior, attention span, and so much more. Regular chiropractic care keeps the spine in line, which allows the nervous system to function just as it's supposed to!

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