Why Is Summer Hard for Kids With SPD?

Summertime can be both wonderful and stressful for kids with sensory issues and their families. Why do some kids seem to regress over the summer while others zoom ahead? Changes in routine, unfamiliar activities, new foods, faces, places, and sounds can make it very hard for sensitive kids to relax and enjoy themselves. All the work you and any therapists your child have been doing shouldn’t fall apart over the summer. Your child can have fun and keep continuing to develop sensory processing, fine motor, gross motor, self-help, and academic skills with a little help.

Temperature Regulation & Kids With SPD

SPD has a lot to do with how the body responds to external stimulus. That means that a sensory processing disorder and temperature regulation might be in conflict. Add SPD and heat, and a child might overheat more quickly or take too long to start sweating. Physical discomfort translates almost immediately into emotional distress. To avoid dealing with a sensory meltdown, it is best to take proactive steps to help your child with temperature sensitivity.

A child with SPD may not always choose the best clothing to deal with the heat. Some children will only wear long pants while others hate wearing clothing at all. When parents have a better idea of the clothing that a child will tolerate, they can shop with temperature in mind. For a child who will only wear long sleeves and pants, go for natural, breathable fabrics.

Monitor children with SPD to ensure they drink enough liquids. They may not respond to thirst as quickly as a child without the disorder. Track their fluid intake to ward off heat stroke or exhaustion. Also, keep track of the time they spend outside under the sun. Instituting regular shade breaks or taking some time inside can help keep them cool during the worst of the summer heat.

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