Abnormal Heart Rate of Newborn NORMAL in 1 Month

For over nine months we imagine the day our baby is going to come into the world. We wait eagerly thinking about how it will happen. We think about when it will happen, what it will feel like, what our babies face will look like and how our lives will change forever in a beautiful way! But when things get off to a scary start it's like all the air in your lungs gets sucked right out and you go from all the fairy tale dreams to survival mode. That's when Mama Bear kicks in! That's exactly what happened to this mama!  

Something's Wrong With My Baby

Her natural labor & birth experience was drama-free but as her son was born the midwives quickly realized that something was off. His heart rate which should have been somewhere around the 140s was in the 70s. They rushed to the hospital to get their son checked out to make sure he was okay and after X-rays, EKG's, echo’s and more there were NO abnormalities found! They followed up with a neonatal cardiac specialist and were told that there wasn’t anything wrong with him and that he just had a low heart rate! That's when Dr. Lauren came across his story on social media. She reached out to his mama on Facebook and told her that although there may not be an apparent pathology (disease process) happening there may very well be a physiological (functional) issue in his ability to regulate his heart rate.  

The Nervous System is King

The nervous system regulates every single function in the body, even the heart rate! There are nerves in the top of the neck near the brainstem as well as other nerves in the mid-back that have the job of REGULATING our heartbeat. Although many heart conditions like irregular heartbeat, arrhythmia, and more are often caused by disease it is ALWAYS worth investigating if the nerves that control heart rate are stressed causing irregular function (too high or too low) because after all, our health is at stake! This mama had been praying hard for answers and she decided to have her babies nervous system checked! This little guys scan showed tons of stress in his brain's ability to get the messages through the nerves going to control his heart. Stress in your nervous system can cause a whole host of challenges in controlling autonomic function (heart, breathing, sleep, digestion - everything that happens without you thinking about it). After seeing his scans, Dr. Lauren and Dr. Eric went to work checking this little guy multiple times a week and gently releasing the stress in his spine and nerves! One month later he returned for his follow up with the specialist. Mom & Dad held their BREATH once again BUT this time they were shocked beyond belief and so were the nurses who checked him several times to make sure their reading was accurate - HIS HEART RATE HAD DOUBLED! It was normal!  

Our Chiropractic Miracle

He was more alert and doing so much better and mama bear was OVER THE MOON that her precious little one had experienced a huge breakthrough in his body's ability to regulate so much better! We had lots of celebration hugs and tears in our eyes when she walked in with him to tell us the BIG NEWS and we are beyond blessed to get to walk along with parents in the pursuit of restoring their children’s health every day! This little guy definitely takes one of the top little #chirokid miracle spots at RLC! Read more about Vagus Nerve function here to get an idea of how the nervous system affects cardiac function. There are many other amazing medical journal articles about this as well. The bottom line is when your brain can talk to your body and tell it what to do properly then you have more potential to adapt and overcome sources of stress in your life, even the stress that can happen in childbirth!