Dr. Lauren Jessup-Alvarado

Discovering the Natural Way

Dr. Lauren is a vitalistic family chiropractor, doula, health, and wellness educator, breastfeeding mother of three who has delivered via cesarean and VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).

Dr. Lauren serves as a resource and passionate advocate for women in her community who wish to have a non-traumatic birth and pursue natural parenting.

Lauren first had a calling on her life to serve humanity as a doctor when she was only 3 years old. After living her entire childhood on drugs (oral steroids and inhalers) and being hospitalized time and time again due to asthma and serious upper respiratory conditions she knew there had to be a better way to live.

As a young woman, she began experiencing severe mid-back pain related to her lifetime of respiratory illness and stumbled upon chiropractic where she found a new philosophy of health and a new way of living. After regaining her life, health, and VITALITY through the healing power of chiropractic care she changed her major from pre-med and went to chiropractic school where she mastered the art, philosophy, and science of chiropractic.

Emphasizing Prenatal and Pediatric Care

Prenatal and pediatric care naturally became a HUGE PASSION for Dr. Lauren after she experienced a very traumatic birth with her daughter Jordan in 2011. Since then Dr. Lauren has become an expert in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, assisting women in optimizing their health and wellness, the position of their pelvis and baby in preparation for a peaceful and productive birth experience, and transition into the 4th trimester of breastfeeding and other postpartum challenges.

Helping mamas and their newborns overcome obstacles to breastfeeding such as tongue-ties and upper cervical (neck) issues are also close to Dr. Lauren’s heart after nursing her son Jaxon through a posterior tongue-tie that she decided not to revise.

On a Mission to Educate and Empower

Dr. Lauren is known in her community for removing interference to the power of birth and breastfeeding. She does on-call work for local midwife groups where she helps women change the position of their baby during labor so that they may achieve a vaginal birth and avoid intervention.

“I specialize in pediatrics because if my life had been impacted by chiropractic from a young age, I’d have had a much healthier, more vibrant childhood. I want to be an advocate for the health and wellness of kids in our community.”

Helping children experience a better childhood free from chronic illness, colic, ear infections, digestive issues, and more is something Dr. Lauren is on a mission to do by educating mothers in her community and providing gentle and effective chiropractic care for children in Arlington, Texas.

– Her mission is to remove interference to the POWER of LIFE.

– Her vision is for ALL women and children to live a life free of nervous system interference giving them the best opportunity possible to experience abundant health, healing, and joy.

One of Many Success Stories

Being heavily involved in Arlington and Tarrant Counties birthing community has given Dr. Lauren the privilege of seeing numerous success stories.

“A doula I knew gave me a call when one of her moms was having difficulty during birth. The baby was stuck even after hours of pushing, and they were wondering if chiropractic could help. I left my practice members in Dr. Eric’s capable hands and went to see what I could do. After checking the mom’s pelvis and adjusting her, she was able to deliver her baby naturally. What could have been a terrible and frightening experience became incredibly empowering for that mom. Another common issue is that moms have babies who can’t breastfeed. After chiropractic care, the baby can latch and get the nutrients that will build their immunity for life.”

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