The Empowered Mama Meetup

Hey Mama, we see you! And yes, we know .. this Mom life is NOT EASY! But you know what else we know!? With the right tribe of women around you, the right tools & resources, you my dear can feel so much more…

  • Empowered 

  • Centered

  • Balanced 

  • & Happy!

Join us for the Empowered Mama Meetup on Saturday, August 10th from 10am – 12pm @ Restoring Life Chiropractic with Dr. Lauren Alvarado

We will Enjoy

  • Mama Mingle Time 

  • Snack Bar with healthy choices for Mamas & Kiddos

  • Essential Oil DIY Bar for a Mama’s Emotional Support 

  • A panel of special guest speakers! 

  • Q&A with Dr. Lauren!

What Mama’s are welcome?

All Mamas! At RLC we have a tribe of mothers who are walking out everyday challenges but also big transitions in motherhood like fertility, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding & postpartum. And other moms navigating life with their kiddo who is struggling with hard things like colic, add/adhd, autism/spectrum disorders, seizures and other scary stuff. This event is for RLC mamas & mamas in the community! 

More About Dr. Lauren & Restoring Life Chiropractic 

Dr. Lauren Alvarado is a VBAC mama of two little ones and a mother of three. She serves as an advocate for women in her community who are seeking support during all the phases of motherhood from fertility to pregnancy, birth & beyond. She also works closely with midwives, OBGYNs and other birth-workers to enhance birth outcomes by providing chiropractic care and doula services.

At their practice, Restoring Life Chiropractic, Dr. Lauren and her husband Dr. Eric work as a team to serve the mamas and babies of their community supporting them with:

  • Fertility Challenges 
  • Prenatal Care 
  • Labor & Birth Chiropractic Support 
  • Postpartum Care for Mama & Baby 
  • Breastfeeding Challenges 
  • Lip & Tongue Tie Issues 
  • Colic & Sleep 
  • Ear Health 
  • Immune Function 
  • Proper Growth & Development 
  • Developmental & Behavioral Challenges