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Restoring Life Chiropractic is a warm, friendly place where our community members can gather and receive the highest quality of natural health care. You’ll get anything but a cold or clinical feel in our welcoming, open-concept space.

You and your family can take a moment to relax in our living room. Kids can feel free to be themselves, playing with toys or watching a movie while Mom and Dad have time to sit and chat. Children love their visits with us, knowing they can have an organic lollipop, orange or sticker after their adjustment.

Day One

Our chiropractic assistant will greet you by name when you arrive, making sure that you feel welcome from the very start of your care. If you haven’t already completed your paperwork, we suggest that you get here 15 minutes before your appointment time to fill out these forms. In total, this visit will last about 45 minutes.

Dr. Eric or Dr. Lauren will introduce themselves, then walk you back to the consultation area to talk about why you are here and how we can serve you. Next, we will take X-Rays if necessary. Then we will use our state of the art Insight™ Scan Technology to scan your spine and measure the health of your nervous system.

Your chiropractor will take all the information gathered on your first visit and sit down to study your scans and X-rays. Next, Dr. Lauren or Dr. Eric will consider your history and create a customized plan that takes you from where you are presently to where you hope to be.

Day Two

When you return, our chiropractic assistant will welcome you back and help you check in at the front desk. You’ll then see your chiropractor to go over your X-rays, scans and what we’ve discovered. You’ll receive our optimal recommendations for chiropractic care and learn how chiropractic care can change your life for the better. You will then have the opportunity to receive a chiropractic adjustment, and you’ll be on your way in about 30 minutes.

Regular Visits

Your follow-up adjustments are convenient and efficient, taking just 3-5 minutes. This small investment of time can allow you to have an extreme life change.

Re-examinations are performed about every 12 visits to measure your progress, meet any changing needs you may have, and keep you moving towards wellness care.

Exceptional Results

We understand that like most people, you’d like to begin care immediately. The most important thing we can give you, though, is results. The difference between a successful experience and one that doesn’t get you where you want to be is the recommendations you’ll receive. At our office, we don’t adjust you without fully knowing what state your nervous system is in and what we need to do as a team to help you improve your health.

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