Pregnancy Care

Why Should Expecting Moms Seek Chiropractic Care?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and magnificent experiences in a woman’s life. Her body is creating a human being from scratch, intricately knitting together the tapestry of her baby and providing a peaceful space for the baby to thrive.

There are several ways that Dr. Lauren and Dr. Eric can help you during pregnancy.

Experience a Healthier Pregnancy. Since your nervous system controls conception, pregnancy, labor and birth, making Chiropractic a priority during this time of your life is key.

Chiropractic during pregnancy can help you maintain good spinal alignment and a healthy nervous system keeping you in your best health, encouraging proper development of the baby, blood flow to the placenta, tone of the uterine muscles and more.

Be More Comfortable with a Well Balanced Pelvis. Growing into your motherhood means you’ll be experiencing a flood of hormones and an expanding body all at once. As your body is busy making a baby you’ll be gaining weight, even increasing the size of your heart and blood supply, as well as experiencing big changes in posture and spinal alignment.

To experience more comfort during pregnancy and carry your baby in the best position, your pelvis and low back need to be in proper alignment. This will give your baby the space to grow and find their way out in the most peaceful way possible when the time comes. When your body is working overtime chiropractic can support a smooth transition into your new body with much more comfort, physical and emotional peace.

Enjoy an Easier Labor and Birth Experience. When your pelvis is misaligned and has unnecessary tension babies typically become malpositioned. When babies are in poor positions labor is often complicated, has more interventions, and puts mother and baby at higher risk for health complications. These complications can have a negative impact on the mother and child for years to come.

Women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy statistically have less pain, less need for interventions, and much faster labor and deliveries. Having a good prenatal chiropractor on your birth team is one of the best investments you can make for you and your child.

More Peaceful Postpartum for Mom and Baby. When you have chiropractic care as a resource during pregnancy and postpartum you are far more likely to have a smoother transition into motherhood with bonding, breastfeeding, and getting into a routine with your new baby.

Chiropractic care during this phase of motherhood can help your body release the tension of labor and birth and work out all the kinks that can come up in the newborn land of eating, sleeping, and going potty. Doing your part in making sure you are healthy, having good alignment for baby development and birth, fewer interventions if possible and a better postpartum will help set your baby up for success!

So, whether you are pregnant for the first time, subsequent times, or just starting your fertility journey and trying to conceive, regular chiropractic care has incredible benefits.

Is Chiropractic Care Different During Pregnancy?

We tailor our approach to each mom. A pillow will gently cradle your baby bump in a comfortable position, and gentle, effective techniques like the Webster Technique are used.

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