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“How important is your brain and nervous system to your health and QUALITY of life?” 

The answer – “extremely!”

Every single cell, tissue and organ in your body is under the direct or indirect control of your nervous system. - Greys Anatomy. 

EVERY single function within the body is regulated through the nerve system – sleep, immune system function, ALL healing and repair, energy, digestion, strength, stamina, fertility, concentration, focus, cognition, and millions more.

You name it & it applies!  

What happens if we interfere with this Brain – Body Connection?  Dis-regulation or loss of normal processes in the body & a host of health and wellness challenges may result. 

The role of a family chiropractor is to address this interference in all people.

This applies to anyone with a brain, spinal cord, & spine!  Gentle chiropractic care applies to every human being no matter how big or small…even infants, children, pregnant moms, athletes and seniors –  

Anyone who is pursuing a HEALTHY LIFE needs to maintain the integrity of the Brain – Body Connection.

So whether you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms such as back and neck pain, looking to improve the quality of your life, or seeking wellness care during pregnancy, CHIROPRACTIC IS FOR YOU!

How Do I Know If I Need Chiropractic Care?

The truth is you won't know unless your spine & nervous system are evaluated.

This is exactly why “We Don’t Guess, We Test!” 

We use state of the art NASA technology that has the ability to detect nervous system interference and is certified by the Space Foundation.

This technology allows us to gain incredible insight into how healthy your nervous system is, create a personal plan based on your needs, track your results, and make unparalleled progress in Restoring your HEALTH. 

Contact us today to make your initial chiropractic reservation.  

Your healing path starts here.

Dr. Eric Alvarado
Arlington TX  Chiropractor | Restoring Life Chiropractic | (817) 457-3030

3901 W. Green Oaks Blvd Ste. C
Arlington, TX 76016


I found This office online & was so glad I did. I was in severe pain and could hardly move my right arm when I first meant Dr. Alavardo.. He has helped me so much. Hes a very good chiropractor and very caring too! I reccommend him highly....

Connie Steere
Arlington, TX

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